Richard Branson Quotes

Richard Branson Quotes

Looking for Richard Branson QuotesRichard Branson is an inspirational and a successful entrepreneur. Here you can read the best quotes by Richard Branson.

Best quotes by Richard Branson

The most important thing about running a company is to remember all the time what a company is. A company is simply a group of people.

Make sure that you stand on your own two feet and you can get your cash flow going.

Sometimes a very very small amount of money is all that needed to start a company.

Pick yourself up and start again, and if it doesn’t work at that time keep going until you succeed. Don’t give up.

Be a great delegator and don’t try to do everything yourself.

If you treat people well, people will come back for more. It’s a very small world.

As long as you’ve tried everything you can, if you failed you will sleep ok.

A business is simply about creating something that makes life better for other people. If you can do that you’ve got a business.

Find a great team of people to eork for you.

You don’t learn to walk by following rules, you learn to walk by doing and by falling over.

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